Ballast mounting systems are specifically designed for rooftop solar stations that need to be placed on a flat roof of a home, manufacturing facility or warehouse. Pront systems - do not damage the waterproofing carpet, due to the lack of need for anchoring or depressurizing the roof.

The system for fastening of "East / West" type photomodules, which in its many variations can be installed on flat roofs with low parapets. Designed for "hard" and "soft" roofs with PVC coated membrane, eurorubberoid and ruberoid.

Ballast mounting systems allow you to place solar panels on the roof of the house or on the roof of the warehouse complex. Solar stations built on the basis of ballast frames are not fixed to the building, thus, do not damage the waterproofing carpet (ruberoid, euroruberoid, corrugated board, PVC membrane, etc.). Therefore, one can not worry about the roof, after the installation of a solar station on the roof of the house flow.