Clamps for Glass PV panels with Double Glass technology

Universal clamps for glass solar panels for the creation of solar stations with transparent photovoltaic modules.
Securely fix the glass surface, thanks to a special EPDM sealant included in the clamping kit.

The special design of the clamp is designed for loads that exceed the standard load from a glass photopanel of maximum size.

The press is made of aluminum steel and is covered with protective anodizing, which guarantees maximum lifespan of the frame.

Can be used with many models of mounting profiles and installed both in horizontal and vertical arrangement.

Advantages of glass solar stations

  • Thanks to its special design and special substrates it allows even load of the module to be loaded, avoiding damage.
  • Increased resistance to atmospheric influences.
  • Convenient and reliable installation.
  • Save time of installation, effort and money.

Technical characteristics and compliance of DBN

Number of rows

Nailing system with constraints on loading on an anchor or frame fastening.

PV location - panels

Horizontal and vertical

Wind resistance

Up to 25 m / s

Fastening type


DBN В.1.2-14:2009

"General principles of ensuring the reliability and constructive safety of buildings,
structures, constructions and foundations "

DBN В.1.2-2: 2006

load and impact. Design standards.

DBN А.3.2-2: 2009

labor protection and industrial safety in construction.

GOST 22233-2001

«Profiles extruded from aluminum alloys for enclosing building constructions. General specifications »

SNiP 2.03.06-85

"Aluminum Structures"

Wind calculations and snow loads

We conduct individual calculations for structural, wind and snow loads in accordance with the region.


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