Ground system for fixing solar panels

The modular system is made of steel galvanized perforated profile, which has high strength, low weight and class of anti-corrosion protection, which provides a long lifetime of structures.

This system is a complete set of elements for your initial tasks, and if necessary, can be completed with additional elements. Suitable for installation in areas with practically any relief and soils. It is compatible with different types of foundation supports, such as geoshops, columnar or slab concrete foundations.

Dominoes are compatible with any standard field and monocrystalline 60-sector photomodules of most manufacturers, as well as similar to their size Half-Cell modules.

Installation of photo modules is possible both in landscape and in book orientation. Ready kits include all the necessary details and do not require additional miscalculations and approvals.

Designing the future of heliopoly is reduced to elemental: based on the size of the site and existing objects on it (buildings, trees), it is necessary to count the number and width of the "tables" of the photopanels, taking into account shading.

After that, simply order the required number of kits for the required number of photomodules - from 10 to 50 pieces.

There are several options for fixing the system

Option # 1 Fastening on screw piles (geoshops)

Option #2
Attach anchors to concrete

Option # 3 Fastening to a mortar pin

Advantages of terrestrial solar stations

  • Suitable for any surface of the horizontal type.
  • May be combined and supplemented by separate or adjacent modules.
  • Combines the best rational solutions from aluminum and galvanized steel.
  • Convenient and reliable installation.
  • An effective solution when there is not enough space on the roof, or the orientation of the roof in relation to the sun or the shape of the roof is not suitable for the installation of panels.
  • Durability and design durability compared to welded, painted solutions.

Components of the ground solar station

The profiles are made of Zinc-plated metal using the Sendzimir method. Connectors made of aluminum. All hardware is made of stainless steel.

Central clamp for the PV panel
Side clamp for PV-modules
Mounting steel zinc profile
Frame steel zinc profile
Adapter for mounting screwdrivers
Screw pile for fixating in the ground

Photo of ready-made objects mounted on our ground systems

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Special, water protection systems are able to remove rain precipitation, so it is advisable to make a canopy, under which you can place a car or arrange a warehouse.

Ground solar stations are built on free areas of land, concrete, crushed stone or sand. When it is impossible to mount the station on the roof of the building or there is no reliable foundation. We deliver ready-made kits that are individually tailored to the customer.


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